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Fungal Behaviour | group exhibitiion | 2022
curated by Nick Jordan
The Talleyrand, Manchester

A group exhibition of seven artists, exploring the mysterious world of mycelial networks and fruiting fungi. From the surreal to the sublime, the show features work by artists Jacob Cartwright, Emma Dibb, Jane Lawson, Nick Jordan, Louis Neale, Lara Ögel and Chester Tenneson, and includes painting, drawing, film, photography, text, sculpture and living organisms.

Hosted at The Talleyrand, the exhibition will also present a series of performances, screenings, a wild food forage and events, exploring the interconnectivity and interdependence between fungi organisms and all life on earth, both human and non-human; illustrating how these vast substrate networks act as agents of connection and the carriers of vital nutrients and information across natural, cultural and social ecologies.

Venue: The Talleyrand, 1030 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WX
Dates: Aug 18 - Sept 1, 2022
Preview: Aug 18, 6 - 9pm
Open: Mon to Fri 16.30 – 23.00 ; Sat & Sun 13.00 – 22.00
Artists: Jacob Cartwright, Emma Dibb, Jane Lawson, Nick Jordan, Louis Neale, Lara Ögel, Chester Tenneson

Exhibitions Events Programme:

Aug 27, 2022:

2pm: Illustrated talk:
'Mycology and Art: An Interrelated History'
Dr Nathan Smith will give a talk on the interrelated history of mycology (the study of fungi) and art in the UK. He will explore how mycologists have contributed to art, and vice versa, and delve into the many instances of personnel conflict, fraud, and dedication that pepper its lively history.

4pm & 6pm: Film Screening
'Mantango, Attack of the Mushroom People'
1963, 89 mins., directed by Ishirō Honda
A rare screening of a classic from Japan's early-Sixties horror boom. Acclaimed as 'one of the most atmospheric horror films to ever come out of Japan', the film follows the exploits of a group of shipwrecked survivors as they are transformed by mutagenic mushrooms.

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Aug 30, 2022:

Wild Food Forage, Levenshulme
A 2 hour circular walk from The Talleyrand to Highfield Country Park with a foraging expert, identifying edible plants and mushrooms, ending with a taster session of fungi-infused preserves, drinks and wild food straight from the hedgerow. Led by

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