Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
The Goose Fair, installation views
Castlefield Gallery, 2004

"Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan's work unites divergent and eclectic influences, including surrealism, natural history, folk-lore, myth, old Europe, and weird Americana. Part painting, part drawing, part cinema, their practice explores the interconnections between the unruly natural world and our multifaceted cultural histories.

"For the Castlefield Gallery, Cartwright & Jordan present The Goose Fair. Somewhat carnivalesque and fictional, the work incorporates levitation, cicadas, a passenger pigeon, fly paper, wurst, grits, Balthazar, hallucinogenic fungi and a dozen dogs from New York's Chelsea art district..."
- press release

"Born from an unfeasibly heroic whimsy, and developing from the compulsive doodles of the new social archetype, the urban(e) idiot, they populate the space with a bestiary of dysfunctional and hapless fictions, set adrift around their very own 21st century Walden Pond - the Art Gallery - and attempt a juggling act which flits between ventriloquism and necrophilia." - Paul Cordwell