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Nick Jordan
The Language of Hands | 11.35 mins | 2021 | HDV
(3 minute opening excerpt

A film that explores the complex process of hand transplants. Featuring personal reflections from the UK’s first double hand transplant patient, the documentary captures the impact of this life-changing operation, and the significance of hands in conveying human emotion, expression and mechanical function. With a soundtrack score created from hand-made instruments, the film captures hands performing a diverse range of actions and gestures, including Medical Museum curators handling objects in the collection and hospital staff working in clinical care.

A film by Nick Jordan
Interviewee: Christopher King
Soundtrack score: David Chatton Barker & Mary Stark (Folklore Tapes)
Narrator: Liz Clay, from text by Professor Simon Kay
Captions: Clara Casian
Arts Consultants: Sue Ball / MAAP & Gary Thomas / Animate Projects

Commissioned by the Thackray Museum of Medicine, where the complete 12 min film is installed on permanent display in the galleries.