Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
Godwottery, 2006
installation views & 'Pro Dreamer 2' (Cartwright)
Transition Gallery, London, 2006

"Godwottery is an exhibition of collaborative works by Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan. The result of months of suggestion, bickering and coercion, the exhibition forms another stage in the artists’ ongoing würstundgritz project, which highlights the contingencies and encounters of collaboration - through rudimentary props, ad-hoc devices, sculptures, books and films. Godwottery includes a hand-cranked zoetrope, a short 'gothic' suspense film, a bi-plane, and a chorus of American Bullfrogs."

godwottery - 1: An embellished or elaborate garden, usually composed of incompatible plants and objects. 2: Affected use of archaic language. [From the line "A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!" in My Garden, Thomas Edward Brown, 1876]