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Nick Jordan & Clara Casian

Nick Jordan and Clara Casian are visual artists working predominantly with documentary-based film. Their work centres upon the interconnections between natural, social and cultural histories, often combining original and archive material to form oblique, layered narratives.

'Intentional Community' is their first collaborative film made together. The artists are based in Manchester, and their individual works have been shown widely at international festivals and exhibitions, including recently at Supernornal Festival (UK); Innsbruck International Biennale (Austria); Kunstmuseum, Bonn (Germany); Whitstable Biennale (UK); Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (France); Birdsong – Stories from Pripyat, Stockport Plaza and Peel Hall, Salford; La Movida, HOME, Manchester (UK); Ecology Without Borders, State Darwin Museum (Moscow); 100 years of DADA, ICA (London);São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil); Modern History, Grundy Art Gallery and Bury Art Museum (UK); Kassel Dokfest (Germany); Documenta Madrid (Spain).

Jordan and Casian's artist residences & commissioned projects include Headlands Center for the Arts, (San Francisco, USA), The National Trust, Quarry Bank Mill (Cheshire); Arts & Heritage (Experience Barnsley); Feature Expanded (HOME, Manchester); Book Works (London); LOCWS Art Across the City (Swansea); ICA (London); The Manchester Museum; Art Gene (Barrow-in-Furness); British Society of Aesthetics (London); The Swedenborg Society (London).

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