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Archive of the Carbon Landscape
Nick Jordan

Exhibited in Natural Interaction, HOME, Manchester, 2023

Display case A:

1. Map of Liverpool to Manchester Railway, showing section across Chat Moss, 1824

2. Untitled painting by Isaac Jordan, 2020 (view of turf farm at Chat Moss)

3. Two different mosses: five clumps of which three have slender stalked sporophytes, print by A. Auer, c. 1853, Wellcome Collection

4. Soil Core Sampler, with extracted peat from Chat Moss (50 cm, capturing 500 years of peat formation)

5. Taking Home Peats, Isle of Lewis postcard, 1920

6. Nick Jordan filming sphagnum moss at Chat Moss, Greater Manchester, for Rare Frequencies, 2020

7. Family in front of peat stack, Isle of Lewis, 1967

8.Six types of haircap moss (Polytrichum species), coloured engraving by J. Pass, c. 1825, Wellcome Collection

Display Case B:

1. A group of lower plants, including mosses, liverworts and lichens, print by A. Auer, c. 1853, Wellcome Collection

2. Bringing Home the Peats, and Peat Stacking, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, 1925

3. A group of mosses, in eight separate clumps, print by A. Auer, c. 185, Wellcome Collection

4. Peat Products (Sphagnol) advertisement, 1923

5. Making sphagnum moss bandages, The Seattle Times, 16 June 1918

6. A moss (Bryum calcareum): single plants showing the growth cycle and a patch of moss on stone, coloured engraving after J. Sowerby, 1794, Wellcome Collection

7. Peat cutters, Orkney, 1928