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Earth House Hold
Nick Jordan
Greenhouse, photo acetates, lamps, 1.85m x 2.30m, 2023
Installation view, Natural Interaction, HOME, Manchester, 2023

from Natural Interaction exhibition guide

Covering the greenhouse is a photo montage made from electron microscope images featuring the root system of mushrooms (mycelium), magnified to reveal the individual fibres (hyphae). Sourced from a materials science research project at the University at Buffalo, New York, the magnified images show the rejuvenating properties of fungus hyphae on lead contaminated soil. The top section of the greenhouse displays the pristine mycelium fibres, and the lower section of the greenhouse shows the lead-exposed strands, with crystallised metal pollutants clearly captured in the mesh of mycelium.

The University at Buffalo’s research team are investigating how mycelium can be a sustainable and effective material for cleaning contaminated soil in former industrial areas, using its organic, absorbent properties to remediate the soil, creating healthy conditions for growing food in urban areas.

With thanks to Dr Prathima Nalam, Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Design and Innovation, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Scaning electron microscope images by Mruganka Parasnis.