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The Entangled Forest | 17 mins | 2023

The Entangled Forest is a film which explores the multifaceted interrelationships between trees and fungi within forest ecologies. Featuring the voice of ecologist Suzanne Simard, and her ground-breaking research into tree and fungi communities, the documentary reflects on the ‘biological neural network’ of forest ecosystems, and how the reciprocal, shared behaviour of mycelium and trees creates a resilient and healthy community of co-dependent species. Highlighting cooperation, mutual aid and the redistribution of resources between neighbouring species, the film interweaves Simard’s observations on the ‘wood wide web’ with an atmospheric and textural collaborative soundtrack score, recorded with traditional folk instruments, woodwind and analogue synths. The documentary features a diverse range of tree species and fruiting fungi, growing in ancient forests and urban woodland habitats; filmed from the blazing heat of late summer to the frozen depths of winter.

Filmed, edited and directed by Nick Jordan
Voice: Dr Suzanne Simard
Original soundtrack score: Otis Jordan & Lord Mongo
Supported by UK Research & Innovation & The University of Manchester
Commissioned by HOME Artist Film

Special thanks to Suzanne Simard and the following podcast productions:
Lacuna Magazine: Spoken Earth by Adam Weymouth
Bionners: Forest Wisdom, MotherTrees and the Science of Community
Penguin Random House Audio: This is the Author

Exhibited as part of solo exhibition Natural Interaction, Feb 18 - June 4, 2023, HOME, Manchester



The Entangled Forest / stills