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Nick Jordan
Fury, 2003
05.05 min

A short film structured around a flytrap named 'Fury'. Filmed at dusk, during a heatwave in a small village in southern France, Fury is framed as a still-life; formed around some key elements that happened to occur at the time.

"I usually try and construct my work out of chance situations or found material. I thought the fly-paper, and its brand name 'Fury', would act as a good motif, or trigger, for the film. Nothing was pre-planned, but things are subsequently highlighted, or amplified, through the editing process.

"In this way, my film work is a sort of fictional, or fabricated, 'constructed cinema', which offers itself up out of happenstance or real situations. Various elements and referents are brought together, to see if something happens.

"In terms of 'Fury', while I was trying to create cinematic suspense or atmosphere, I was also conscious of references to a language of painting: archetypal things like a bowl of fruit; a chair; a woman in a window

- Nick Jordan, Videonale 10 catalogue, Kunstmuseum, Bonn, 2005