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Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
The Goodshaw Herbal | 2023
indigo screenprints on calico, silver birch & ash branches, hemp string
Installation views, British Textile Biennial

A series of 12 screenprints made for Larksong installation at Goodshaw Chapel for the British Textile Biennial.

Printed in indigo, which was historically used to give ‘slave cloth’ its distinctive blue hue, the images are all local wild plants with historic ties to textiles production, including fibrous plants such as nettle and flax, and those traditionally used in natural hand dyes, such as wode, hawthorn, Saint John’s wort and weld.

The printed images are sourced from historic manuscripts: Botanologia: The English Herbal, or history of plants, William Salmon, 1710; Orbis Pictus, Johann Amos Comenius,1658