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Intentional Community: The Art of Living and The Science of Life

Nick Jordan & Clara Casian
HD video, 59 mins., 2017

A documentary portrait of Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research (Braziers), the longest-running secular resident community in the UK. Centred upon insights from current residents and members, the film interweaves scenes of daily life with the natural features, architectural characteristics and diverse cultural history of the community.

Set in the wider context of sustainable living and the economics of post-capitalism, Intentional Community explores the 'sociobiological' ideas of Braziers' founders, who established the community in 1950 as a social experiment in group co-existence. Today, Braziers continues to explore and live-out ideas of co-existence, collective work and our place in nature.

Edited with a layered, non-linear approach, the composite film makes correspondences between the past and present, combing interior and exterior spaces of the gothic manor house with material from Braziers’ archive of photographs, audio recordings and film. Archival footage includes scenes from a 1964 Situationist gathering, attended by writers Alexander Trocchi, Jeff Nuttall, artist John Latham and psychiatrist R.D. Laing. Intentional Community also explores Braziers’ links to the Common Wealth political party, the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry, Kibbo Kift, and Grith Fyrd peace camps, reflecting Braziers’ deep-rooted, progressive social values, educational ideas, ecological awareness and connections to the Counterculture.

Filmed, edited & directed by Nick Jordan & Clara Casian
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Original soundtrack score: Lord Mong

Installation images, Braziers House, Supernormal Festival 2017

Intentional Community excerpt 01: 'self contained'

Intentional Community excerpt02: 'Common Wealth'

Intentional Community excerpt03: 'folklore & fantasy'

Intentional Community excerpt 03: 'Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds'