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Nick Jordan
Nature House Inc., 2013
single screen HD Video, 06.12 mins.

A short film which centres upon the proliferation of bird houses, erected to attract the Purple Martin - 'America's Most Wanted Bird'. The extraordinary abundance of man-made habitats reflects a desire to live in close proximity to nature, in a suburban, small town setting.

Over one million North Americans have installed Purple Martin bird houses. The migratory birds, which are believed to consume large quantities of insects, are now entirely dependent upon man-made housing during their breeding season.



Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol, UK
Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York
shnit International Short Film Festival, Bern, Switzerland
Doug Adams Gallery, PSU, Berkeley, USA
XI Festival Internacional de Cine, Ponferrada, Spain
In The Woods Festival, Kent, UK
neo Art Prize, neo Gallery, Bolton, UK
24th British Film Festival of Dinard, France
31st International Environmental Film Festival, Paris, France
Interfilm Berlin, Germany
Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Lihula, Estonia
30th Helsinki Short Film Festival
Swedenborg Short Film Festival,London (awarded Best Film)
Zubroffka International Short Film Festival, Byalistok, Poland
Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, São Paulo, Brazil