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Nick Jordan
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), 2007
single screen HD video, 03.30 min

Music performed by Cornershop
Commissioned by ICA for Beck’s Fusions, 2007
Curated by Forma

In his film of a Norwegian folk dancer, Manchester-based artist Nick Jordan presents the 'halling' dance, which demonstrates strength and virility. Filmed in a woodland settlement in Norway and set to Cornershop's Punjabi cover of this Beatles classic, Jordan's work makes connections between seemingly unrelated elements.

"I chose this cover of Norwegian Wood because it's an interesting fusion in itself. Sung in Punjabi, Cornershop re-frame The Beatles' original, which in 1965 marked the first use of a sitar in pop music.

"The 'halling' dance is largely improvised, with some time-honoured acrobatic moves including the ‘kastet’, in which the gallant dancer jumps and kicks a hat from the end of a wooden pole, held aloft by a maiden." - NJ

From ICA exhibition text.