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Nick Jordan
Rare Frequencies | 10.52 mins | 2020 | HDV

Rare Frequencies is a film which draws upon conversations with people impacted by rare health conditions, recorded with members of the public, patients and practitioners involved in genomic medicine. Exploring the definition and frequency of rare conditions, the discussions are combined with footage filmed at a rewilded nature reserve in Manchester, UK, where native mossland plants and wetland habitats have been reintroduced to restore and protect a lowland raised peatbog. This former industrial landscape now hosts a diverse range of rare and endangered wildlife, and plays a vital role in storing carbon and mitigating the climate crisis, following centuries of coal mining, turf farming and commercial peat extraction. With an original and evocative soundtrack score, the documentary connects together themes of community and mutuality, resilience and renewal, in the context of environmental, social and personal healthcare.

Filmed, edited and directed by Nick Jordan
Soundtrack score composed & performed by Otis Jordan
Audio interviews from RARE/D podcast series

Filming location: Little Woolden Moss Nature Reserve, Manchester, UK

Special thanks to all RARE/D podcast participants and
The University of Manchester, Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine,
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Exhibited as part of solo exhibition Natural Interaction, Feb 18 - June 4, 2023,
HOME, Manchester

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