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Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
The Reapers
HD video
13 mins. 2009



'The Reapers’ is a short documentary film on traditional pigeon hunters, concealed in their tower hide, deep in an oak forest in Perigord, France. Combining a score by Olivier Messiaen with factual scenes and dialogue, the film depicts a secretive and disconcerting rural practice, taking place in a rudimentary encampment of cages, wires and decoys. Interweaving the absurd and the sinister, the film captures the relationship between the hunters and the birds, force-feeding their prized stool-pigeons and sharing out their quarry at the end of the day.

'The film was made with the assistance of Channel 4’s FourDocs bursary scheme, and continues Cartwright & Jordan’s depiction of mankind’s disparate relationship with fellow species and the natural environment.'
- from London Short Film Festival award for Best Experimental Film

The Reapers installation, Castlefield Gallery