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Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan
The Open Secret | 30 mins | 2022 | HDV

The Open Secret is a documentary that explores questions of secrecy and power in relation to the East German Secret Police (the 'Stasi') within East German society. The film is based upon key findings from an extensive research project, 'Knowing the Secret Police', and reflects upon how different kinds of knowledge were circulated through social, religious, political and literary networks within the former GDR. The filmmakers present this research with footage filmed at key locations throughout East Berlin and the wider surrounding landscape, including the Stasi archives and former HQ, Karl-Marx-Allee, Volkspark Friedrichshain, rural 'dacha' cabins, the urban neighbourhood of Prenzlauerberg and the social housing estates of Marzahn.

A film by Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, 2022, 30 mins.
Narrator: Andrea Zapp
Soundtrack score: Lord Mongo
Film titles artwork: Niina Lehtonen Braun
Film interviewee: Dr Dietlind Sommer
Archive footage: Das Bundesarchiv, Stasi-Unterlagen-Archiv

Commissioned by the research project:
'Knowing the Secret Police: Secrecy and Knowledge in East German Society'
University of Newcastle & Birmingham University, 2018 - 2022

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council




The Open Secret / stills, 2022




The Open Secret, film titles artwork, Niina Lehtonen Braun, 2022

The Open Secret, full soundtrack album stream, Lord Mongo, 2022:

With thanks to the research project team:
Dr Joanne Sayner, Dr Anselma Gallinat Dr Alexander Brown, Dr Grit Wesser,
Professor Sara Jones, Dr Betiel Wasihun, Dr Tara Windsor

Special thanks to:
Niina Lehtonen Braun, Ulu Braun, Andrea Zapp, Alex Brown,
Dietlind Sommer, Lord Mongo, Lukas Henke, Judith King
and Devin, Suzanne, Sophia & Catherine Zuber