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Larksong, live performance and soundtrack album launch
Goodshaw Chapel, Oct 7, 2023

An evening of poetry, music, grave songs, sonic spinning wheel textures, jacquard loom-card music box phenomena and expanded cinema projections of foraged plants, natural ephemera and stitched 16mm film by David Chatton BarkerMary StarkSam McLoughlinBridget Hayden, Emily Oldfield

Smocks naturally dyed with nettle and iron by Helen Armstrong, Softly Earth

Filmed by Otis Jordan
Photos by Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright, Catharine Braithwaite, Jack Bolton, Dave Griffiths

Soundtrack album available to order from Folklore Tapes here

Created for the British Textile Biennial 2023, as part of artists Nick Jordan and Jacob Cartwright's collaborative project Larksong, in Goodshaw Chapel, Rossendale